It’s not an easy task to publish a post from scratch. You need to pay attention to multiple things thoroughly. From getting a blogging idea, which your article will be based upon, to content marketing, you have to notice everything. So, there are multiple steps and sometimes you need help from various sources to ease your hard work. Therefore, in this article, I have listed some websites for bloggers that might help you.

useful websites for bloggers

So; if you are searching for these sources like websites to generate unique blogging ideas, best websites to check grammar for your content, also if your article needs amazing pictures or images then you are in the right place. In this article “websites for bloggers” I will try to help you if you are looking for these sources for creating a blog post. 

Blogging Ideas:

The first step for a blogger to write an article is to generate ideas for blogging. Sometimes bloggers may face a shortage of unique ideas, for his next blog post about, or will the people get satisfied after reading this article?

websites for bloggers - blogging ideas

To minimize this problem I shared three websites for bloggers below, where you can search for your blogging post ideas [ check this article to know about this topic in a detailed way]

    • AnswerThePublic: AnswerThePublic is the best website to get ideas for blogging for an article, also this website generates SEO friendly blogging ideas. From a single search, you will know how people search questions, queries based on a particular keyword.
    • Google Trends: Search engine giant Google developed “Google trends” to analyze the popularity of top search queries in Google Search. It shows hot trending topics across various regions.
    • Build Your Own Blog: Build your own blog website generates 100’s of blog ideas to creating content and inspire you to be a successful blogger.


Keyword Research:

The next task for an article is to do extensive keyword research. Online available keyword research tools will help you in this matter. Keyword research is an important element for your post. 

keyword research

It not only helps you in search engine ranking and gives tons of traffic; also you will know which keyword has low competition and high CPC value. Below mentioned top keyword research tools will help you in these processes where you can search for a perfect keyword.

    • Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest is an awesome widely used keyword research website. From a single keyword search, you will get more keyword ideas, content ideas, backlinks, and lots of quality blogging ideas. You can use this website for free (limited search only) or you can pay money for more ‘keyword access’ based on their plans.
    • Semrush: Semrush, developed by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov is one of the best SEO tools mainly uses for keyword research. Apart from keyword research, it is also used for analyzing your or your competitor’s website, generate blogging topics, website traffic analytics, and title generator.

Blog Title Generator:

A creative title or a good title is most important because it increases the conversion rate for an article. If you are searching for an impressive title you can use these below websites. They will automatically generate amazing titles for your blog and rank high in search engines.

tittle generator

I shared (below) two websites, where you can get an awesome title for your post.

    • Seopressor: Seopressor not only used as a WordPress plugin but it is also used for blog title generator. You can enter your keyword to generate lists of title ideas for your post, also if you are not satisfied with this list titles you can hit the refresh button to generate a new list full of amazing and unique titles.
    • Tweak Your Biz: Tweak Your Biz is an awesome title generator website available online. From a single keyword, it generates tons of amazing titles.

Online Grammar Checker:

After writing a post you should pay attention to grammar, spelling mistakes, or some other minor errors.

grammar checker

You can use these below-mentioned grammar checking websites to avoid these mistakes for your content.

    • Grammarly: It is a widely used platform to check grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation,  misused words to improve your writing skills. Grammarly has 20 million users today. It is also available as a browser extension. You can use this website for writing Emails, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, etc.
    • Grammarcheck: Like Grammarly, this is also one of the best free grammar checker websites available online. In this platform, you can check your content for grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes or you can check synonyms for a particular word.

Check For Plagiarism:

plagiarism checker


Now it’s time for checking originality on your content. Plagiarism means stealing or copying another person’s writing, ideas. It may involve violating copyright law. With the help of a plagiarism checker, you can check or compare your written text to millions of web pages on the internet.

I have listed some of the best plagiarism checkers that you can check plagiarism online.

    • Smallseotools: This is the best website to check duplicate content. You can check 1000 words per search and you don’t need to sign up for this platform every time you use this platform.
    • Duplichecker: Like smallseotools, it is also an online free plagiarism checker website, where you can verify the originality of the written text. This website compares your text to millions of stored webpages on the internet.

Free Images:

Images play a vital role in your post or blog. Inclusion of an image in a blog post not only makes the post looks beautiful but it also helps in SEO, which helps to high rank in search engine. If you are looking for a particular image to match your post that you have written then there are lots of websites for bloggers (listed below) available online that provide royalty-free images.

websites for bloggers - free image websites

You can search these free images websites to get the exact image that you are looking for.

    • Pixabay: Pixabay has around 1.7 million stored stunning high-quality free images to use anywhere you want without attribution requirement. You can download high-quality images in different formats.
    • Unsplash: Like pixabay, Unsplash is also dedicated to sharing beautiful free images & pictures. It has around 1000000+ free images stock; you can download HD quality images from this website.

Online Photo Editor:

online photo editor

If you are searching for the best online photo editor to edit your photos to look more stylish then you can try these websites.

    • Canva: Founded by Melanie Perkin in 2012, canva is the best online photo editor graphic design website. It is used for creating banner, poster, social media poster, feature images for websites post, business cards, flyers, etc.
    • Pixlr: Like Canva, Pixlr X is also the best online photo editor available to design your photo in a professional way. You can apply different effects on your photo, can crop the photo, or remove background easily from this platform.

Online Video Editor:

online video editor

If you have a video related to your particular post and you want to add this in your content and wondering how to edit this raw footage then you may try these websites.

    • Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark is an online photo editor that helps you create your own professional video in a very short minute.
    • Clipchamp: By using this platform you can edit your videos, convert your videos to mp4, record with your webcam, and add different images.


Font Generator:

Choosing the best suitable font or typography for your body content and also for the title is an essential task that every blogger must pay attention too. It should be clean, visible, easily readable fonts for your viewers.

font generator

You can use these below-mentioned websites to find out various fonts.

    • MyFonts: Over 130,000 fonts are available on this site. Where around 900 plus free fonts you can easily download and use them according to your needs.
    • Dafont: From this website, you can download lots of free fonts for your content. You can download and install tons of beautiful fonts from this website but avoid installing many fonts at one time because it will slow down your system.


Proofreading is a necessary activity you should do. It means checking the written texts very carefully for errors before publishing it. There are lots of proofreading websites available online.


Here I have mentioned two websites where you can check online.

    • Paperrater: Paperrater uses Artificial Intelligence to improve writing skills. After submitting written text, paperrater analyzes these texts, spots the error, gives suggestions to improve the writing, and also rate your text in the end.
    • Typely: Typely is a completely free online proofreading website that helps you to write better English.

Promote your blog:

content promotion

After publishing your post, now it’s time for the promotion of your blog to get more views. Email marketing, Social Marketing, Content marketing are the best options for you to promote the post.

    • Email Marketing: By sending emails to your potential audience to aware of your recent blog post is the best effective digital marketing strategy. By email marketing, you may get tons of quality traffic to your website. Mailchimp, convertkit, AWeber are best online email marketing services that offer various features like email builder, autoresponders, email campaigns, etc.
    • Social Marketing: Like email marketing, social marketing is also an effective way to promote your blog post. Social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit are the best social networking sites to promote your blog post. You will get tons of traffic by using these social networking sites.
    • Content Marketing: Another effective way is content marketing. There are many Q&A websites for different disciplines like quora, yahoo answer available on the internet, where you can promote your blog post.

Traffic Tracking Websites:

To track your website traffic you can use Google Analytics, Jetpack sites. These two tools will show you the most accurate data from the website.

I hope you have found what you are looking for, from the above-mentioned websites for bloggers. If you have any suggestion please share with me in the comments section.

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