Have a question in your mind? Or facing some problems with your day to day life and want a quick and easy fix for your problems. Those question’s answer you need to find immediately but you can’t find the specific answers in simple Google search, the question may be related to technology, health, education, and some other topics. Do not worry,  to eliminate this kind of hassle we created a list of Q&A websites where you can put your Questions/Queries and get a fitting answer for that. You can also be a part of the conversation and share ideas.

So here is the list of best Q&A websites that will help you with your problems.


Quora is founded by Adam D’Angelo in June 2009. Quora is one of the most used for Q&A. Different topics questions have asked in this platform, if you have a question in your mind, simply you can submit your question, and someone will answer your question. Users can edit both their answers and their question on this platform.

The key feature of this platform that you can ask a question to a particular user from whom you like to hear your answer, you can also follow other users for future updates. Users can also upvote or downvote a particular answer rank it.


Q&A Websites quora

Stack Overflow 

This platform is basically made for people who have a passion for computer programmers and developers. If you have any questions regarding Coding, Java, Android, or etc., you can ask in this platform for high-quality answers. People can vote for a particular answer on this platform.


Q&A Website stackoverflow


This Q&A website covers numerous topics like education, science, technology, health, business and finance, entertainment, etc. Over 500k people visited this website to search for their queries. Users can “favorite” and ” Blurtit” a particular answer in this platform.




Yahoo! Answers

Over around 4 billion monthly visitors it is most widely used for Q&A related topics. It basically covers mostly all of the topics questions that popup in your mind. From Arts & Entertainment related question to politics question you can ask a question or answered a question. To pose an inquiry, one must have a Yahoo account with a positive score of at least five.


yahoo answers

Hacker News

It is founded by Paul Graham back in 2007. This website is known for Computer related news and information. In the “ask section” of this site, you can get your answers related to computer information or related to the web, about the startup company, upcoming technology. Here also you can upvote an answer if you think it’s very helpful.


hacker news


Askreddit is a popular subreddit on Reddit, where people post different questions on topics related to jokes, movies, music, trending news, memes, controversial topic, etc. People can upvote and downvote to rank a particular answer.




Super User

It has around 20 million monthly visitors. Like Hacker News, you can ask various questions related to computer operating systems or other computer-related software. You can vote a particular answer, the best answers get up and rise to the top.




It’s the fastest growing social question and answer platform where people can ask questions, share their photos, be friends with others, post some advice, etc. This is a free service platform where people can ask their questions within some rules and regulations.




Answers.com founded by Bob Rosenschein, Mark Tebbe in January 2005. It has monthly 11M visitors. It basically covers topics like mathematics, history, Law, science business, literature, and other random topics. You can also upvote and downvote a question answers by clicking the up and down arrow which is attached in every single answer.



Ask Me Help Desk

It is launched in 2003, and presently has around 1,210,213 members and have asked 656,538 questions in this platform till today. Before you ask and answers other questions you need to first open an account on it which is free.

If you ask a question and the other users answer your query then you will get an email notification about the answers, you can also get paid for answers to other questions.



Above are some of the best Q&A websites available in the web world. So, what’s the best Q&A website in your opinion? Please, share your opinions in the comments section.


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