What are Facebook avatars?

Recently Facebook has introduced a new Facebook avatars maker feature called “Facebook Avatars”, which are basically animated stickers that you can customize giving a look that depicts yourself. It is a bit more similar to Bitmoji.  It is highly customizable like you can choose eye color, skin color, hairstyle and have many other options. Facebook stickers can be used in Facebook comments or you can use them as a temporary profile sticker. Creating a Facebook avatar is easy and can be created by going inside Facebook settings.

Here, I will show you a step by step guide on how you can create facebook avatars and also how to respond in the comment section using a Facebook Avatar.

How do you create an avatar on Facebook? Facebook Avatars maker.

To create Facebook Avatars first go to the Facebook app on your android or ios device. You have to do it on an android or ios device then you will have it updated on your facebook.com. 

Facebook Avatars

Open your Facebook app. Then you need to go to the setting page for that press the three lines. In your setting page, you will see a see more option, expand that. When you expand the see more option you should see the avatar, now if you don’t see it then go ahead and update your Facebook app. As this is a new feature it is available in only the updated version of the Facebook app. 

facebook avatars makerfb avatarsfacebook avatars maker

And then you will see this page to personalize your avatar. It’s like a greeting page. Click next then get started. 

Facebook avatars


After that, you will see many thumbnails of default Facebook Avatars having different skin tones. Select a skin tone as you desire. 


Then you will come to a page where you can choose hairstyles from different hairstyles options, Face Shape, Complexion, Eye shape and color, Eyebrows, Eyewear, Nose shape, and many more. My personal favorite is trying different Eyewear. And there is also an option for an outfit that will give you a personalized look. 

avatars for Facebook profile picture avatars maker facebook avatars maker avatars for facebook free What are Facebook avatars?


And once you are satisfied and feel it’s complete then just press the checkmark which is right on the top right corner of the screen and your avatar will be ready in a few seconds.

Facebook Avatars

You have a sticker option on top. Click that to see all the stickers available. All stickers will be available to use. 

 facebook avatars stickers

Now that your avatar is ready and if you want to change anything in your avatar just click this pen button anytime to edit your avatar and click Done when you are finished editing. There’s a delete button inside the edit section, you can use it to delete your avatar.

fb avatars to share fb avatars

Right above there is an arrow button. This is where you can share your avatar as a feed or keep your avatar as a temporary profile picture. Note that it will be a temporary profile picture as its duration will be only for 7 days. While selecting any option you will be able to choose a different pose and background.

avatars to comment fb comment  facebook avatars stickers

And now for the final part, How to use Facebook Avatars in the comment section? You can use these stickers in any comment. Just select a comment. Then click on smiley emoji shown in the picture below. You will see all the stickers available. Choose any stickers then send it. And this is how Facebook Avatars work. It’s fun and easy. You should try it.